It is one of those crazy days!

Do you make lists? I do. I make many lists. I am a list fanatic and champion, encouraging everyone to make lists, and writing down list when and where I can. The problem is that I tend to make too many lists, and then more lists until I cannot keep track of how many things were on my list. Mostly it works, but then on some days like today, it falls apart. I have a child in hospital, one is at home, I am trying to run my business, and get orders out and communicate with customers, get urgent orders printed, and artwork finalised, while tapping into the hospital wi-fi when I can, while also carrying a sobbing distressed baby, and worrying about the one at home with her Papa.

Aren't we supposed to be good at multi-tasking? We can do it all, we are told time and again. You know what, I don't think that it's true. We cannot have it all, and no one can. But we make our choices, and so many men and women are doing the same around the country, juggling so much. However, it is not a sexist stereotype but a true fact, proven by numerous studies, that women are still carrying the major responsibility for the family care and day to day running. Is it just because that women might be good at the smaller detail? Does it also then somehow make them better as small business owners, as entrepreneurs? I am part of a growing community of small creative business owners, running their burgeoning enterprises, often from their kitchen and dining tables, while juggling family responsibilities, and often holding other full-time jobs. I love this community, and contrary to the popular views of business women having to be tough to survive in a traditionally masculine world of business, I have found these women so comfortable in their own skins, so comfortable with their femininity, so at ease with the different roles they have to play, and ever so supportive of each other. I am delighted and privileged to be part of such a supportive network and community. Despite the tough days, they all do it because they feel a true passion for their work and business, and true commitment to their customers. All that they create is a true labour of love. This is what is my commitment to my business and my brand. Since I first started this, three keywords have stuck with me: quality, originality and reliability. These are the cornerstones of my work, and I feel proud to create every design that leaves my studio. More on this later! But, here is to all of you strong women, who are making a huge difference! 

I wanted to write this post on International Women's Day. Born in India, I've always been aware of the role of women in society, and my designs aim to empower and celebrate strong women. It is a tricky balance to make sure that these serious issues and concepts can translate into something fun that can raise a smile, because we all need it everyday. Humour is a big part of my life and I also design quirky illustrations for prints and cards that say it how it is. Right now I am really enjoying designing for strong and independent women, and creating products that celebrate women, such as this brand new print being released in time for International Women’s Day as a message of solidarity and strength.

International Women's Day Print (Pragya Agarwal, 2017)

The names of pioneering women from past and present are interspersed with keywords from the feminist movement, and the strong typographic element contrasts beautifully with the delicate watercolour wash background, much like the modern women, a bundle of contradictions, something that I incorporated in my pencil set here. I’ve really enjoyed researching it and finding out these women and how amazing their achievements have been. With three girls of my own, this is a issue very close to my heart, and I am continuing to develop the range this year! 

Do comment with your own thoughts on this, and share if you love any designs or designers creating for strong women, that stand out for you! 

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