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Support Manchester MEN Red Cross Charity Tote bag

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We stand with Manchester. 

Canvas Tote bags paying homage to the victims of Manchester and saluting the fortitude, courage and choices of the people caught up in this. 

There are two designs:

1. I choose love, and

2. Manchester: We stand together. 

It is all so raw still. The bombing in Manchester has really affected all of us, and I just feel so very helpless, and incredibly sad. I have been fretting about how I can help in some way, and so as a creative, I decided to channel this and create a design that would represent the courage, the fortitude and the choices that people have made in such adversity.

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the MEN funds in aid of the survivors, the victims and their families. It will be a drop in an ocean, but it will mean something to me to be a part of this, and maybe show that we all stand together.

The bag will not have my branding on it as the idea is not to promote myself. 

This is a thick canvas cream coloured tote bag, and the design will be full-colour printed on one side. 

© Pragya Agarwal 2017

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