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Teacher's Thank you Gift Tote Bag 'I teach, therefore I am'

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This unique, original design from Hedge & Hog Philosophy Club is perfect to say thank you to your teachers at the end of the year. A cotton canvas bag that says 'I teach, therefore I am' would be carried with pride, and hold all their teaching supplies at any time of the year. 

Teachers make us into the people that we are, by cajoling us, inspiring us, and by giving us a sense of direction. There are all kinds of teachers, one who makes us laugh, or one who make us shake in our boots. But, they all mean well and want the best for you. So, it's wonderful to have an opportunity to say thank you.

This is available in cream, white and black and has long straps so that it can be slung over the shoulder. Made with very heavyweight 100% cotton, it is fairtrade, made from recycled materials, and so you do your bit for the environment too. 

The phrase is trademarked, and copyright remains with © Pragya Agarwal 2017

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